Training and Skills Development
One of our Directors holds Accreditation with the ILO as a Trainer on the internationally accredited SIYB Training Programme and with GIZ / ProNet as a Master Trainer on Manufacturing Practices and has trained across South Africa and In SADC. Training and Skills Development plays a pivotal role in the success of Perfect Solutions(Pty) Ltd. In conjunction with the Project Management training through projects are given to approximately 1000 entrepreneurs a year. This is due to partnerships formed with other stakeholders.

Our Training Methodologies
A variety of approaches and methodologies are used by Perfect Solutions(Pty) Ltd, depending on the learning style of the individual or group.
The training provided is done with various learning methods, such as lecture-format theoretical sessions, individual and group exercises, role-playing, case study and discussions.
Methodologies used include:
a) Outcomes Based
b) Needs based
c) Cost effective
d) Step-by-step-approach
e) Participatory
f) Communicative & task based training
g) Case studies, role-plays and simulations
h) Lectures and seminars
i) Continuous assessment

This division came about whereby several smaller businesses approach the company to assist with marketing their products and services. This division also serves as a conduit for the informal businesses and creates a platform for them to be able to get their products and services to the market.

The services rendered to clients are as follows:
• Bookkeeping
• Annual Financials
• CIPC Submissions
• SARS Enquiries and Submission

Casi (Pty) Ltd assists organisations who seek to take advantage of a value adding BBBEE procurement partner, by extending our procurement services to partner organisations with the specific objective of improving efficiency and increasing business opportunities linked with having a strategic Broad Based Black Economic Procurement Partner.

Enterprise Development
Businesses serve a critical role in driving more inclusive and sustainable development. Large companies can create positive impact by improving and growing development. Corporate can achieve this by including small business into their value chains and local communities.
Helping small businesses to achieve sustainability and growth is vital for both the development of industries and corporations. Small businesses are critical for job creation, improving living standards, raising productivity and achieving inclusive economic growth and social cohesion.
Perfect Solutions(Pty) Ltd exist to assist Corporate companies with their CSI and ED mandate and will ensure that companies getting maximum exposure in terms of the BBBEE Scorecard.

With most small companies not being in the position to afford a lawyer, Perfect Solutions(Pty) Ltd will provide tailor-made legal solutions for small businesses providing them with expert legal advice when they need it. The services that will be rendered are as follows:
• SMME Legal Cover
• Contract development
• Dispute resolution
• Contract perusal and advise
• CCMA Disputes and representation